What Your Dog Wants You to Know

Dog Cognition 101 for curious pet parents

6 weeks of classes and interactive brain games sessions with a dog scientist.

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What Your Dog Wants You to Know™️
is a 6-week highly interactive online program that will teach you the basics of Dog Cognition and bring you closer to your dog.

During the program you will:

1. Play interactive games that reveal how your dog's mind works and how you can make them happier

2. Hear from scientists who are studying dogs and trying to answer the questions every dog parent has

Learn complex concepts in dog science via weekly lessons, guided discussion and group learning

Dogs have the mental capacity of human toddlers!
That means your dog has a rich inner life that’s waiting to be explored and understood.

We Learned So Much!

I learned so much about my dog and why she behaves the way that she does. It was a joy to see her react to the different exercises. We both had a great time. I also enjoyed interacting with the instructors and other participants. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and kind and thoughtful about their pets. I highly recommend Petminded. I learned more about my dog and have a better understanding about how she thinks!

BJ and Pepper

What is Dog Cognition?

Dog Cognition is how your dog thinks and perceives the world.

It includes memory, communication, emotion, problem solving and more.

Learning about dog cognition can help you motivate, advocate and support your dog better.

Leading to a healthier and happier dog!

What You Get

Dog Cognition Curriculum

Get introduced to the main concepts in Dog Cognition in an easy to understand, fun, weekly lesson that breaks down the concepts and helps you apply them to your relationship with your dog. Stay on track with an effective, 6 week schedule designed with busy dog parents in mind

Live Dog Cognition Games

Led by our Resident Dog Scientist, each week we get together on Zoom to play games together.
Games are not only a fun bonding tool, they each reveal something about your dog's cognitive profile. At the end of the 6 weeks you’ll not only have exercised your dog’s brain, you’ll better understand their unique personality.

*These sessions will all be recorded for those who can’t make it live.  A supplies list will be provided, and most are common household items

Office Hours

If you have follow up questions for our Dog Scientist, you can bring them to an Office Hour. We will be offering 4 opportunities to attend. These sessions will also be recorded, and you can submit questions in advance if you like.

Expert Chats

We introduce you to many of the top scientists and researchers in the field to bring you advanced learnings in topics like: 
• The genetic basis of Dog Cognition
• How Dog Cognition impacts the Human-Animal bond
• How Dogs learn language
• The latest research on how our dogs see the world
And more!

Online Community of Curious Pet Parents

In addition to the live video calls and recorded videos, you'll have access to a private online community where you can connect with other pet parents and experts in a friendly and welcoming space. You’ll get the opportunity to learn from others’ experience, ask questions and get personalized advice for your dog. We’ll also be posting interesting articles and other goodies throughout the program. 

You will have access to this community for 3 months, so you can go back and rewatch all the videos and continue to engage with like-minded pet parents.

What You'll Learn

Week 1: Introduction

What is Dog Cognition, and why should we care?

Week 2: Communication

How to Communicate with dogs so they actually understand us

Week 3: Theory Of Mind

How you and your dog can take each other's Perspective

Week 4: Cognitive Development

How does your dog Measure up to a 2 year old?

Week 5: Problem Solving

Learn what strategies your dog uses to figure things out

Week 6: Human Animal Bond

We'll discuss emotions, anthropomorphism and more!

Program Leaders

Laisuna Yu, Resident Dog Scientist

Laisuna graduated with a masters in Animal Behavior and Conservation. Her thesis evaluated pet dog and working dog performances in a visual discrimination reversal learning task. She was previously the Manager of The Thinking Dog Center in New York City. During this program, Laisuna will be guiding you in the dog cognition games and helping you interpret your results.

Sonali Nigam, Founder at Petminded

Sonali is a Biomedical Engineer turned Public Health Researcher turned Founder at Petminded. She is also dog mom to Ella a chi-terrier mix adopted in 2018.
After working in science based roles her entire career, Sonali is passionate about bringing scientific insights to pet lovers, so they can ensure the mental and emotional wellbeing of their pets. Sonali will be your host and facilitator for this program.

Featured Experts

Gitanjali E. Gnanadesikan, PhD Candidate, NSF GRF, PEO Scholar

Topic: The Genetic Basis for Cognition in Dogs

Speaker Bio: Gitanjali Gnanadesikan is a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona in the School of Anthropology. Her research focuses on cognitive evolution and social behavior, especially in domesticated species. She studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University  where she examined differences in methylation (a type of genetic regulation) between dogs and wolves. Before beginning graduate studies, Gitanjali worked as the laboratory coordinator for the Arizona Canine Cognition Center, where she continues her graduate research.

Julia Espinosa
PhD Candidate

Topic: The Secret Lives of Dogs: how our dogs think and perceive the world

Speaker Bio: Julia Espinosa is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto. She works with Dr. Daphna Buchsbaum (Brown University) and Dr. Laura Corbit (University of Toronto, investigating cognitive processes in non-humans.  Her broad research interests are centered around how dogs think and learn about the physical world. She has explored how dogs reason about physical properties of objects and understand causal relationships of objects and agents. She is currently developing online studies for dogs, and organizing the first multi-lab study of the ManyDogs project.

... and more experts to be announced!
I loved the Dog Cognition Program!

I often don't carve time out to work on my dog's happiness. Meeting weekly really gave me a chance to put aside time to work with Eugene, give him some much needed stimulation and attention, and get to know him better! The group meetings were fun and interactive and I learned a ton from them. After this series, it became a habit to work with Eugene at least once a week, something that has made us both a little happier!

Danielle M. and Eugene

Details and Pricing


January 18 to February 24th

New content is released on Mondays

Live calls are Wednesdays 8pm EST 

Office hours on some Sundays or Mondays 

Full schedule will be provided upon registration


• Weekly lessons you can learn from at your leisure

• Weekly zoom sessions to play Dog Cognition Games

• Expert chats with Dog Scientists

• Office Hours

• Online Community


We are offering the inaugural Winter 2021 session at half price!

Regular Price: $899

Winter 2021 session: $445

Join us at this special rate for Winter 2021 →
What Attendees have said about our Dog Cognition Events

"Loved the cognition games and real-time feedback!"

Devon A. (mom to Figgy)

"An informative learning experience but very interactive as well!
I appreciated the attention given to questions throughout the session and the opportunity to play cognition games with guidance from an expert."

Dog Science Camp

Event Details & Agenda

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The saying goes.. “to know your dog, is to love them” … we hope you’ll join us
for this chance to do both!
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