Alexis Devine


Alexis Devine

Alexis Devine

Alexis is dog mom to Bunny and Otter the famous talking dogs of Tiktok and Instagram @whataboutbunny

Alexis Devine is a jewelry designer, dog mom to Bunny and Otter, and a science-minded dog parent on a mission to change how we communicate with our dogs. She started the popular IG & Tiktok account Whataboutbunny in 2020 where she shares her button training adventures and supports community science efforts in the language acquisition field. She is slowly but surely working on a book about her journey with Bunny and Otter. Sign up for her session at Dog Science Week over here:


What our Attendees Say

We had a great time learning interesting
and bonding over new experiences with the Petminded Community!

Emilia Hoth

The speakers were all very informative,
well prepared and fun.

What a fun way to bring a community  
of dog parents together!

J. Silver
Dad to Finn

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Dr. Sarah Byosiere

Dr. Sarah Byosiere leads the Thinking Dog Center in NYC

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