Dr. Sarah Byosiere


Dr. Sarah Byosiere

Dr. Sarah Byosiere

Dr. Sarah Byosiere leads the Thinking Dog Center in NYC

Dr. Byosiere is the Director of the Thinking Dog Center at CUNY Hunter College where she focuses on studying the behavior and cognition of domestic dogs and other canids. She began her career at the University of Michigan where she studied the function of the play bow in adult pet dogs throughout her undergraduate and master’s degrees. She has worked at various canine cognition and behavior research groups including the Duke Canine Cognition Center, the Clever Dog Lab and the Wolf Science Center. Dr. Byosiere earned her PhD at La Trobe University in Australia under the supervision of Dr. Pauleen Bennett and the Anthrozoology Research Group. Her dissertation focused on evaluating whether or not dogs are susceptible to visual illusions. More recently at the Thinking Dog Center, her work has expanded to include applied research topics, including dog training methodologies and sheltering practices. Dr. Byosiere has published her research in peer-revived scientific journals, presented her findings at conferences, and has been featured on NPRs Science Friday, Getting Curious with Jonathan van Ness, Wired Currents, and CuriosityStream. Sign up for her session at Dog Science Week over here:


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We had a great time learning interesting
and bonding over new experiences with the Petminded Community!

Emilia Hoth

The speakers were all very informative,
well prepared and fun.

What a fun way to bring a community  
of dog parents together!

J. Silver
Dad to Finn

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