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Sonali and Ella

When my husband and I adopted our dog Ella in 2018, we knew that she came from a tough situation. We wanted her to be happy and bond with us but she was having a hard time adjusting to her new city, home and family.

So we spent countless hours seeking behavior resources, training classes, and experts to understand her better. We eventually realized that while many of us consider our dogs to be family, we do not always allow them the freedom to express their individuality and unique doggy-ness. And this has consequences for their physical, mental and emotional health.

Luckily dog science can help pet parents like us. Dog science is a new and exciting field that's frequently mentioned in the press, but it's very hard to actually apply scientific research to our daily lives. That's why Petminded is a hub for pet parents to learn science based insights from the experts themselves. Our commitment is to make dog science both accessible and actionable for every curious dog parent out there.

We hope to meet you very soon!

Sonali, Founder and Ella, Chief Canine Officer

Our Mission

Code of Conduct

Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

Be Kind
Be Curious
Be Thoughtful

Be Community Minded

Be encouraging and patient with each other's journey
Be willing to share your perspective in a respectful way

Be Open Minded

Be willing to consider new viewpoints
Be willing to engage and connect with likeminded people

No Self Promotion

Because this is a learning community, we find that allowing self-promotion erodes trust between our members.
Please refrain from promoting or selling services even if they are dog related

No Hateful Speech

No discrimination or hateful content regarding gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion
If you're found to be harassing or being a jerk to anyone else we will kick you out ASAP

Keep it On Topic

We are here to discuss dogs and how science can improve their lives
No random links to non-community stuff
No pseudo-science
No politics unless related to animal welfare and advocacy

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Join the first Community for curious pet parents and deepen your connections with your pets. Our Members-Only Events, Group Retreats, Travel Services and Community Forum will give you a chance to meet and connect with likeminded pet lovers. We are launching in Fall 2020!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Petminded?

Petminded is a community for pet lovers who want pet-centric experiences and deepen their connections with their pets. You can attend an event one time, join an in depth learning group or become a member of our community of pet lovers.

Where do events take place?

We plan both online and in person events. Our online events are accessible by laptop, phone or tablet. Due to Covid-19, in person events are currently limited to NYC. Go to Events

What are Circles?

Circles are learning groups for pet parents who are curious about specific topics and want to go deeper. Circles are led by pet experts who have in-depth knowledge of the topic, and can offer guidance plus 1:1 advice. Go to Circles

How do I join the Community?

 The Petminded membership community is launching in a few months! If you want to get on the waitlist, you can fill out our early access application on the Community Page.

Want to learn more?

Want to request an event, become a host or collaborate with us? Drop us a note, and we'll get back to you in less than a doggy minute

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Petminded Experts

Dr. Sarah Byosiere

Dr. Sarah Byosiere leads the Thinking Dog Center in NYC

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Alexis Devine

Alexis is dog mom to Bunny and Otter the famous talking dogs of Tiktok and Instagram @whataboutbunny

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