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experience a science backed life with your pet

What is Petminded?

Petminded helps you understand your dog by making dog science accessible and actionable.
We offer events, classes and a membership community so you can confidently help your pup live their best possible life.

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Our live virtual events are an opportunity to learn from top experts in dog science — scientists, behaviorists, veterinarians, authors, trainers and more. In person events coming soon!

Dog Science


We develop interactive courses with top scientists and pet experts to help you apply the latest in dog science. So you can learn What Your Dog Wants You To Know and apply it to your life together

Dog Science


The Petminded Dog Science Community is a members only space for pet parents to learn from experts and each other to bring out the best in their dogs


For busy and curious dog parents

The Petminded Dog Science Community is as a members-only space for dog parents who want science backed insights to give their dogs a healthier and happier life.  
We have selected the best experts in the field of Dog Science to share their knowledge with curious dog parents like you.
Every piece of info is broken into accessible and actionable steps that you can apply to your life with your dog.
We cover topics like dog behavior, training, nutrition, health, aging, cognition and more

Explore Membership

The Well Bonded Dog

A cohort based program designed to help you Create Deep Bonds with Your Dog In 4-weeks. Taught by Dr. Shelly Volsche, PhD
🐶 Understanding your Dog's Point of View
🧠 Minimizing Miscommunication and having Successful Training sessions
🤔 Proactively Managing Behavior Changes
🎩 Applying Training & Enrichment Techniques to Build Stronger Bonds with your Dog
✔ Integrating Your Learnings in Your Daily Routine with Your Dog
🧡 Confidently Advocating for your Dog in Any Situation

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Why We Exist

There’s a lot of misinformation and pseudoscience when it comes to taking care of your dog. Petminded helps you sift through the noise and find the information that is proven to work.

We tell you what your dog wants you to know.

Our Story

My Dog Nike, and I Love Petminded!


We stumbled onto Sonali’s site at the beginning of the COVID pandemic and have really enjoyed all the events we have attended. It has been super helpful to have a community of kind, like-minded people to hang with online, as well as activities to keep Nike’s brain working since it can be hard to get outside enough for an active Labrador to expend all her energy due to the pandemic! We have even recruited family members to participate in some of the classes. Nike gives 5 stars! Highly recommend!

Sarah and NikeMcWiggles


Join a Circle

Go deep on a topic with other curious, friendly and pet-obsessed people like you

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good news and good ideas

Our Blog

Where we share thought provoking ideas and expert opinions. Curious?

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Coming Up

Behind the scenes with Lili

Dog Science Week 2021

5 pm PST / 8 pm EST

A week of Dog Science Events brought to you by Petminded

Join us as we chat about how science, current dog research, and human motor skill learning theories can help you in caring for and training your dog!

meet us

Petminded Experts

Francesca Volpe

Editorial Team at Petminded

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Laisuna yu

Laisuna is a Dog Scientist, former Dog Lab Manager at the Thinking Dog Center in NYC and Wildlife Conservationist

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Kerri Rodriguez

Dr. Kerri Rodriguez is a post-doctoral Research fellow with the Human Animal Bond in Colorado

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Petminded?

Petminded is a community for pet lovers who want pet-centric experiences and deepen their connections with their pets. You can attend an event one time, join an in depth learning group or become a member of our community of pet lovers.

Where do events take place?

We plan both online and in person events. Our online events are accessible by laptop, phone or tablet. Due to Covid-19, in person events are currently limited to NYC. Go to Events

What are Circles?

Circles are learning groups for pet parents who are curious about specific topics and want to go deeper. Circles are led by pet experts who have in-depth knowledge of the topic, and can offer guidance plus 1:1 advice. Go to Circles

How do I join the Community?

 The Petminded membership community is launching in a few months! If you want to get on the waitlist, you can fill out our early access application on the Community Page.

Want to learn more?

Want to request an event, become a host or collaborate with us? Drop us a note, and we'll get back to you in less than a doggy minute

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