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Tips for Advocating for Your Dog at the Vet

Maddie Messina of Paws for Thought shared her tips for advocating for our pet at the vet. Learn some tips and techniques for making vet visits less stressful for everyone involved!

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Keeping Dogs Cool in the Summer Heat

Tips for keeping your dog cool and comfortable in the hot summer months. Plus, how to gently but effectively advocate for other dogs.

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Does Your Dog Grieve After Losing a Dog-Mate?

Grief can take many different forms in human individuals and across species, which makes it difficult to describe. In a recent study, researchers from Italy aimed to identify what grief may look like in dogs using six different questionnaires validated for things like owner beliefs, dog’s perceived emotional state, attachment, and more! The results suggest that grief in dogs depends on the quality but not the length of your dogs’ relationship. If your dogs were close, your surviving dog is more likely to express behaviors associated with grief.

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The Many Ways Dogs Ask for Help

In a unique study comparing pet pigs and pet dogs on this task, researchers found that, overall, dogs showed more behaviors that indicate “asking for help” from readily available humans. This is an interesting comparison for two big reasons - (1) both were subject to domestication and (2) all animals in this study were kept and raised as pets from a very young age. Therefore, humans should play a role in both their lives, but results support that dogs may be predisposed to communicate with humans in a way that is unique to them - even among other domesticated species raised in a similar manner!

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6 Takeaways for Post-Pandemic Reactivity in Dogs- A Guest Post by Stephanie Gonzaga

Petminded Community Member, Stephanie Gonzaga, shares her top takeaways from our recent talk about dog reactivity.

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Street Petiquette Tips: A Guest Post by Community Member Carolyn Goldhush

Petminded Member Carolyn shares the petiquette of navigating city streets to help keep your dog—and you—safe and stress-free, and make for a happy, healthy, positive time together. ‍

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What You can Learn from Your Dog's Body Language

Since our dogs can't talk to us, we need to rely on the other ways they communicate. Body language is an important communication tool but it requires paying attention and understanding the meaning behind those actions.

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What's it Like to Be a Dog?

To best understand and build a relationship with our dog friends, it is helpful to understand what life is like from their perspective.

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How to Recognize and Manage Your Dog's Pain

We discussed dog pain management with Dr. Tori Countner, the balanced pet vet. Did you know dogs are programmed to hide their pain? That's why recognizing their signs of pain is so important. Dr. Courtner shares her recommendations for a balance of Western and Eastern methods of pain management.

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Living with and Loving a Senior Dog

A recap of our webinar with Dr. Emma K. Grigg, PhD

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