Three Dog Studies Every Pet Owner Should Know About

Dog Science is a fairly new and growing field. It can be overwhelming and intimidating to dive into scientific research studies. We reviewed three studies and are sharing what can be learned from them and applied to caring for and teaching your dog.

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Unleashing the Genius of Every Dog - Our Chat with Author Pilley Bianchi

Petminded had the honor of hosting author Pilley Bianchi to chat about her book Unleashing the Genius of Every Dog - The Story of Chaser who Learned 1000 Words and her thoughts on building relationships with our dogs.

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How Old is Your Dog Really?

It is a common belief that one human year is equal seven dog years. But this is not always true! Aging is a natural process and age is just a number. Your dog's actually age is influenced by many factors such as genetics, size, breed, lifestyle, and quality of care. So, how old is your dog really?

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Petminded's Catalog of Dog Training Terms

Ever read an article about caring for and training your dog and come across a term you don't quite understand? We've created this catalog of Dog Training terms so you never have to wonder again!

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5 Reasons Why You should Want a Well Bonded Dog instead of a Well Behaved Dog

Everyone wants their dog to behave. But if you really get to know your dog and bond with them, you will understand why they behave the way they do. And help them shape good behaviors!

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What Types of Enrichment Activities Can I do with My Dog?

At Petminded, we like to describe enrichment as the different ways your dog can engage and disengage with their surroundings. This includes physical, sensory, mental, and social enrichment.

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Environmental Enrichment: The History & Impact for Your Dog

Studies in the 1960s of animal behavior in zoos has lead to better understanding of how animals environments impact their well-being. Learn more about this history and what it means for your home and yor dog.

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Let them Sniff: The Surprising Result of Nosework

Let me sniff! Nosework induces positive judgment bias in pet dogs study from Duranton and Horowitz shows how this specific enrichment activity can lead to increased optimisim for dogs.

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