What is Button Training for dogs?

Petminded explains what button training is, where to find resources if you are interested in trying it out with your dog, and how you can learn more.

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6 Takeaways for Post-Pandemic Reactivity in Dogs- A Guest Post by Stephanie Gonzaga

Petminded Community Member, Stephanie Gonzaga, shares her top takeaways from our recent talk about dog reactivity.

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Leash Reactivity

What is Leash Reactivity and How to Manage it?

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Dog Cognition 101: Domesticity ... it goes WAY Back!

Petminded Discusses the History of Domesticity at our Dog Cognition 101 Event.

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How to Recognize and Manage Your Dog's Pain

We discussed dog pain management with Dr. Tori Countner, the balanced pet vet. Did you know dogs are programmed to hide their pain? That's why recognizing their signs of pain is so important. Dr. Courtner shares her recommendations for a balance of Western and Eastern methods of pain management.

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Dog Separation Anxiety Myths and Treatments

Calm Canine Academy’s Karishma Warr talks with Petminded about Separation Anxiety. Learn what it is, common myths, what not to do, and how to help your dog with separation anxiety.

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What is Ethical Dog Training?

Petminded discussed ethical dog training with scientist Dr. Valli-Laurente Fraser-Cellin and trainer Don Hutton. Here's our recap including tips on finding positive reinforcement dog trainers.

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3 Tips for finding a great Dog Trainer

What factors should you take into account before hiring a dog trainer?

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