Would You Stick Needles in Your Dog?

Research studies show that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for many dog ailments. What should you know to decide whether it is right for your dog?

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Does Your Dog Grieve After Losing a Dog-Mate?

Grief can take many different forms in human individuals and across species, which makes it difficult to describe. In a recent study, researchers from Italy aimed to identify what grief may look like in dogs using six different questionnaires validated for things like owner beliefs, dog’s perceived emotional state, attachment, and more! The results suggest that grief in dogs depends on the quality but not the length of your dogs’ relationship. If your dogs were close, your surviving dog is more likely to express behaviors associated with grief.

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6 Takeaways for Post-Pandemic Reactivity in Dogs- A Guest Post by Stephanie Gonzaga

Petminded Community Member, Stephanie Gonzaga, shares her top takeaways from our recent talk about dog reactivity.

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What You can Learn from Your Dog's Body Language

Since our dogs can't talk to us, we need to rely on the other ways they communicate. Body language is an important communication tool but it requires paying attention and understanding the meaning behind those actions.

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What's it Like to Be a Dog?

To best understand and build a relationship with our dog friends, it is helpful to understand what life is like from their perspective.

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Strategies for Helping Our Dogs Cope with Anxiety

Pet owners with dogs who struggle with anxiety can learn who to recognize anxiety provoking situations and create a plan for coping.

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Homemade Dog Food. Creating a Balanced Diet

Expert, Nikki, RVT @caninehealthnut shares how making your own dog food is one of the best ways to create a balanced diet!

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Service, Support, and Companion Pets: Why Are Dogs So Good at These Roles and What Are the Differences?

Why do dogs make such good service and support animals? And what do these roles look like?

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Umwelt. Exploring Our Dog's Inner World

Umwelt is defined as the world as it is experienced by an organisim. When we question what our dog's inner world looks, feels, and smells like we are exploring their umwelt. Doing this can improve our relationship with our beloved pets and help them become more bonded to us!

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Petminded's Catalog of Dog Training Terms

Ever read an article about caring for and training your dog and come across a term you don't quite understand? We've created this catalog of Dog Training terms so you never have to wonder again!

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How to Recognize and Manage Your Dog's Pain

We discussed dog pain management with Dr. Tori Countner, the balanced pet vet. Did you know dogs are programmed to hide their pain? That's why recognizing their signs of pain is so important. Dr. Courtner shares her recommendations for a balance of Western and Eastern methods of pain management.

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What Types of Enrichment Activities Can I do with My Dog?

At Petminded, we like to describe enrichment as the different ways your dog can engage and disengage with their surroundings. This includes physical, sensory, mental, and social enrichment.

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Petminded's List of Top Dog Scientists

We talk to a lot of amazing scientists and researchers here at Petminded. But, there are some that hold a special place in our hearts because they kicked off our journey of exploring dog cognition! Others stand out in the ideas they research or ways they present findings to their community! This post highlights some of the most influential researchers and contributors to the field.

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Environmental Enrichment: The History & Impact for Your Dog

Studies in the 1960s of animal behavior in zoos has lead to better understanding of how animals environments impact their well-being. Learn more about this history and what it means for your home and yor dog.

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Let them Sniff: The Surprising Result of Nosework

Let me sniff! Nosework induces positive judgment bias in pet dogs study from Duranton and Horowitz shows how this specific enrichment activity can lead to increased optimisim for dogs.

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Summary of Dog Cognitive Development: Across the First 2 Years of Life

Dog Cognitive Development: a Longitudinal Study across the First 2 Years of Life from Emily Bray offers some clues on what we can expect when our puppies enter their toddler phase of life.

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5 Science Based Games to Socialize Your Puppy

Socializing a puppy with both animals and humans is important for their future behavior and wellbeing

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What is Ethical Dog Training?

Petminded discussed ethical dog training with scientist Dr. Valli-Laurente Fraser-Cellin and trainer Don Hutton. Here's our recap including tips on finding positive reinforcement dog trainers.

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Is Best in Show, Best for the Dogs?

The Westminster Dog Show. The most significant event in... who's life exactly?

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Can Young Dogs Suffer From Cognitive Dysfunction?

Puppies and Young Dogs can suffer from Cognitive Issues due to seizures. Here are some watchouts

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Dominance Theory and Dogs: How it Came About & Why it Persists

Dominance Theory is a concept that has been debunked many times, but continues to persist in the minds of dog owners and caregivers

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