Environmental Enrichment: The History & Impact for Your Dog

Studies in the 1960s of animal behavior in zoos has lead to better understanding of how animals environments impact their well-being. Learn more about this history and what it means for your home and yor dog.

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5 Science Based Games to Socialize Your Puppy

Socializing a puppy with both animals and humans is important for their future behavior and wellbeing

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What is Ethical Dog Training?

Petminded discussed ethical dog training with scientist Dr. Valli-Laurente Fraser-Cellin and trainer Don Hutton. Here's our recap including tips on finding positive reinforcement dog trainers.

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Living with and Loving a Senior Dog

A recap of our webinar with Dr. Emma K. Grigg, PhD

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Playing for attention: How dogs respond to the attention we give them

Did you know your attention can influence how your dog interacts with other dogs?

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Multi-Dog Family? Learn how your attention influences their play

Our dogs enjoy our attention even when they are playing with other dogs

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Can Young Dogs Suffer From Cognitive Dysfunction?

Puppies and Young Dogs can suffer from Cognitive Issues due to seizures. Here are some watchouts

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Does a dog's personality change over the course of their life?

The good, the bad and ugly reasons for changes to your dog's personality

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