Does Your Dog Grieve After Losing a Dog-Mate?

Grief can take many different forms in human individuals and across species, which makes it difficult to describe. In a recent study, researchers from Italy aimed to identify what grief may look like in dogs using six different questionnaires validated for things like owner beliefs, dog’s perceived emotional state, attachment, and more! The results suggest that grief in dogs depends on the quality but not the length of your dogs’ relationship. If your dogs were close, your surviving dog is more likely to express behaviors associated with grief.

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6 Takeaways for Post-Pandemic Reactivity in Dogs- A Guest Post by Stephanie Gonzaga

Petminded Community Member, Stephanie Gonzaga, shares her top takeaways from our recent talk about dog reactivity.

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What's it Like to Be a Dog?

To best understand and build a relationship with our dog friends, it is helpful to understand what life is like from their perspective.

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5 Reasons Why You should Want a Well Bonded Dog instead of a Well Behaved Dog

Everyone wants their dog to behave. But if you really get to know your dog and bond with them, you will understand why they behave the way they do. And help them shape good behaviors!

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Trigger Stacking in Dogs Explained

Petminded explains what trigger stacking is, common causes, and how to avoid it with your dogs.

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7 Ideas For Dogs That Hate Halloween Costumes

Does your dog hate wearing clothes? We have a fix for that!

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How Your Dog Feels About Your Smartphone

Dogs are experiencing depression from being ignored by their smartphone-consumed humans.

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