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Three Dog Studies Every Pet Owner Should Know About

Dog Science is a fairly new and growing field. It can be overwhelming and intimidating to dive into scientific research studies. We reviewed three studies and are sharing what can be learned from them and applied to caring for and teaching your dog.

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How Old is Your Dog Really?

It is a common belief that one human year is equal seven dog years. But this is not always true! Aging is a natural process and age is just a number. Your dog's actually age is influenced by many factors such as genetics, size, breed, lifestyle, and quality of care. So, how old is your dog really?

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Strategies for Helping Our Dogs Cope with Anxiety

Pet owners with dogs who struggle with anxiety can learn who to recognize anxiety provoking situations and create a plan for coping.

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Homemade Dog Food. Creating a Balanced Diet

Expert, Nikki, RVT @caninehealthnut shares how making your own dog food is one of the best ways to create a balanced diet!

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The Scoop on Your Dog's Poop

We chatted dog poop with experts from Dig Labs and are sharing their wisdom. What is your dog's poop telling you about their gut health, when should you be concerned, what do vets look for? Find these answers and more!

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How to Recognize and Manage Your Dog's Pain

We discussed dog pain management with Dr. Tori Countner, the balanced pet vet. Did you know dogs are programmed to hide their pain? That's why recognizing their signs of pain is so important. Dr. Courtner shares her recommendations for a balance of Western and Eastern methods of pain management.

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