Separation Anxiety


Tips for Advocating for Your Dog at the Vet

Maddie Messina of Paws for Thought shared her tips for advocating for our pet at the vet. Learn some tips and techniques for making vet visits less stressful for everyone involved!

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Does Your Dog Grieve After Losing a Dog-Mate?

Grief can take many different forms in human individuals and across species, which makes it difficult to describe. In a recent study, researchers from Italy aimed to identify what grief may look like in dogs using six different questionnaires validated for things like owner beliefs, dog’s perceived emotional state, attachment, and more! The results suggest that grief in dogs depends on the quality but not the length of your dogs’ relationship. If your dogs were close, your surviving dog is more likely to express behaviors associated with grief.

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Strategies for Helping Our Dogs Cope with Anxiety

Pet owners with dogs who struggle with anxiety can learn who to recognize anxiety provoking situations and create a plan for coping.

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Dog Separation Anxiety Myths and Treatments

Calm Canine Academy’s Karishma Warr talks with Petminded about Separation Anxiety. Learn what it is, common myths, what not to do, and how to help your dog with separation anxiety.

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