7 Ideas For Dogs That Hate Halloween Costumes


All dogs go to heaven but not all dogs like wearing clothes, let alone a costume. But whether your dog loves sporting a tutu or runs when they see a tiny hat, there are still ways to have them participate in the Halloween festivities without them hating you for it. We’ve combed the internet to find some costume options that will keep your dog comfortable and still allow for Instagram worthy Halloween pics!

1. Classic  Bandana But Make It Festive For some dogs bandanas are a staple. But, they’re also the easiest way for your dog to show off spooky season. Most pups aren’t bothered by them and the options are endless. These candy corn ones are to die for. Mwahahaha!

2. A Bow Tie The professor is in! Bow tie collars are another fun choice for costume-averse pups. They snap on like a regular collar so your dog won’t even know they look like they have offshore investments. 

3. Real Life Beanie Baby Flex your creativity and show everyone how clever you are with this easy DIY ensemble. Just string a light weight, makeshift tag through a red ribbon and then tie the ribbon around your dog’s neck.

Source Pinterest

4. Baby Costume Put your dog in a stroller and attach a baby bib to their collar, and it automatically becomes a costume. 

Source Walmart

5. Festive Sweater If big costumes aren’t your dog’s bowl of chow but they can get down with a cozy sweater, there are plenty of themes and options to choose. Here’s another candy corn alternative. Etsy is great for finding handmade, dog-friendly treasures. This one’s for the Star Wars fans. 

6. Best Dog Ever Show the world that your prize-winning pup is the best with a basic blue ribbon patch. Stick the patch on your dog’s collar with a safe adhesive and you’re ready to go. Feel free to also get creative with the “best in” category. 

7. A Rainbow Show your pride and the color spectrum by dressing your pup as a rainbow. Whether it’s a bandana, a sweater or a literal cardboard cutout, there are many avenues to the rainbow connection. 

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